BLT Sandwiches


So simple, and easily one of my favorite sandwiches! We had these for dinner last night, and they were delicious. I like to add lots of other things, too.

-Homemade bread, toasted
-Mayo (we like Duke’s)
-Bacon (I cook mine on a cookie sheet in a 375° F oven for 16-20 minutes–no splatters, no fuss, and it cooks nice and flat) {bonus: the grease can be poured off the pan into another container, and then used for frying eggs, potatoes, etc.!}
-Tomato, Lettuce, and Onion, fresh from the garden and thinly sliced
-Sliced cheese (a good cheddar is probably my favorite for these sandwiches)

mmm…I could eat these at least twice a week in the summertime when everything is fresh!

Wonder why I don’t…