Hello, y’all–

I love cooking, and I take particular delight in food that tastes extraordinary, looks good, or preferably both. I also like sharing recipes with people, saving time and money, and cooking for crowds. I hope you enjoy.

About the name for the blog, I hope it doesn’t come across as presumptions. I certainly don’t intend to convey the (mistaken) idea that everything that comes out of my kitchen is all that wonderful. Instead, I am often in wonder that ingredients can come together to something so beautiful or tasty. Or I wonder what I was thinking when I make something that doesn’t turn out! Or I ponder analogies of cooking and life, and maybe sometimes I’ll share them. So that was the idea–that I approach life with a sense of wonder, and I hope that comes across in my cooking and my writing here.

Legal disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the results of anything you make from a recipe or idea found here. Also, all images and recipes are copyrighted by me. You have permission to use, share, etc., but please give credit back to my site.



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